The Bujinkan

bujinkanThe Bujinkan Dojo is an international martial arts organisation created by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. ‘Bujinkan’ roughly translates as “Training Hall of the Warrior Gods.” For many years Grandmaster Hatsumi traveled the world, spreading the teachings of his truly amazing art. He now lives and trains in Japan, where students from around the globe travel in order to learn from and train directly with him. While the ancient wisdom and teachings of the Bujinkan have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, the Bujinkan continues to grow and develop as a living art. The techniques, teachings, and applications of the Bujinkan are as relevant today as they were on the battlefields and in the passageways of ancient Japan and Asia.

Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi is the Grandmaster or ‘Soke’ of the 9 martial arts schools which make up the Bujinkan Dojo. Three of the nine schools are Ninjutsu Schools. The remaining six are other ancient martial traditions that have been passed down from antiquity. Many of the martial traditions of the Bujinkan were studied by Japans Samurai class.

Togakure-ryū Ninpō Taijutsu 34th Grandmaster
Gyokko ryū Kosshi jutsu 28th Grandmaster
Kuki Shinden Ryū Happō Bikenjutsu 28th Grandmaster
Koto Ryū Koppō jutsu 18th Grandmaster
Shinden Fudo Ryū Dakentai jutsu 26th Grandmaster
Takagi Yoshin Ryū Jūtai jutsu 17th Grandmaster
Gikan Ryū Koppō jutsu 15th Grandmaster
Gyokushin-ryū Ryū Ninpō 21st Grandmaster
Kumogakure Ryū Ninpō 14th Grandmaster


bujinkanGrandmaster Hatsumi has set a number of guidelines that must be met in order to participate in the training of the Bujinkan. Please click on the following link to view them

Each Dojo (club) around the globe may then have additional rules for membership. One critical consideration is that the head instructor is licensed (current member of the Shidoshi-Kai) and follows the guidelines set by the Grandmaster. To continue learning as a student and pass on the teachings and feeling of Grandmaster Hatsumi to their students, Instructors should travel to Japan on a regular basis for direct training with the Grandmaster and other top Japanese masters. Many instructors are also accompanied by their students to Japan for direct training.

There are many sites on the internet giving various Biography’s of Grandmaster Hatsumi’s life. Below is a list of just some of the awards and recognitions the Grandmaster has received over the years.

  • Apostolic Blessing from his Holiness Pope John Paul II – 2001
  • World Cultural Grand Prize: Martial Arts Division, World Peace and Culture Federation, 2000
  • Contribution Prize for Society and Culture, Japanese Culture Promoting Association, 1999
  • Named ‘Todo Hanshi’ (Master Teacher of the way of the sword) by Nakazawa Toshi, President of the Zen Nippon Todo Renmei (All Japan Sword Federation), 1995
  • Chairman of the International Department, Japan Literary Artists Club, 1990 – 1994
  • Blackbelt Magazine’s Instructor of the year, 1986
  • Cross and Sun Medals, from King Juan Carlos I (Spain)
  • Professor of “Amatsu Ryoho no Budo” at Trinity College (USA)
  • Honorary Doctorates from Manchester School of Osteopathy and the Eurotechnical Research University
  • Named a ‘Night’ by the German National Historical Culture Federation
  • Awards from the Spanish Secretary of State for the Intelligence Agency, from London Metropolitan Police Headquarters
  • Award from Noda City Educational and Cultural Board in recognition of the Bujinkan’s contribution to International Relations between Noda Coty and many other countries around the world.
  • Letters of Thanks from Price Charles’ Secretary, Prime Minister John Major, the Secretary of State for the Environment, the Japanese Ambassador’s Secretary, the Mayor of London and the City of Belfast (all UK)
  • Letter of Appreciation from the Premier of South Australia, John Bannon
  • Letter of Appreciation from President Mitterand, France
  • Letters of Appreciation from the Pentagon, the Director of the National Security Agency and the FBI Academy, USA
  • Letters of Appreciation and Birthday greetings from US Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton
  • Letter of Thanks from the Secretary of State Catalunya (Spain)
  • Letters of Thanks from the US State Governors of Texas, Georgia, Maryland, California, New Jersey and Tennessee and many US Senators and Congressmen.
  • Honorary Citizen of the States of Texas and New Mexico and the cities of Los Angeles, Atlanta, Gatlinburg, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Jordan Valley, Israel, and many others
  • Honorary Member of the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Rangers (only person to be an Honorary Member of both)
  • Honorary Member of EVA 21 Air Base, Canary Islands (Spain) and of the Canary-Japanese Cultural Exchange Association.