Paul Tompkins 10th Dan


Paul commenced training in the Bujinkan in 2001, is a licensed Bujinkan instructor and member of the Shidoshi Kai. Since commencing his training Paul has been lucky enough to train with many highly skilled practitioners from all over the world. This includes Sven-Eric Bogsater, Robin Doenicke, Willy Iglesia, Micheal Pearce and Tim Bathurst. Paul’s first visit to Japan was in February 2010 when he sat and passed the Godan test with Senno Sensei in the Hombu Dojo. Paul now travels to Japan each year to train with the Japanese Shihan and Soke. Since 2008 Paul has seen his role in the South Australian Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojo continue to expand. His contribution to the Dojo was officially recognised in December 2009 for “Service to and his invaluable support in the foundation of the South Australian Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojo”. Paul continues to be instrumental in passing on the traditions of the Bujinkan to the Dojo’s students. Paul now continues this service through assisting in the organisation and running of training events the Dojo hosts on an international and local level. These seminars assist Paul in furthering his own knowledge and continuing his personal growth as a martial artist. Paul firmly believes that his training has helped him overcome the many challenges life throws at us all and that his life would not be the same without the guidance of the teachings of the Bujinkan.

Favorite Quote?

“Keep Going” – Hatsumi Sensei “Learn first that whatever hardship you may have to endure is but temporary” – Toda Shinryuken, 32nd Grandmaster Togakure Ryu