Isaac Nicholson 5th Dan


Certified in Shinken Taijutsu / Personal Protective Measures, Isaac Nicholson began training in the Bujinkan in 1998 and first travelling to Japan in January 2002 with Evan Bailey. In this time he studied under Hatsumi Soke and other prominent Japanese Shihan (masters).

Isaac has trained with highly skilled practitioners from around the world including Phillip Legare, Sven-Eric Bogsater, Robin Doenicke, Willy Iglesia, Micheal Pearce and Tim Bathurst. This background has led Isaac to become involved in teaching elements of the Australian Defence Force.

Isaac sat and passed the 5th Dan Sakki test in 2006 with Noguchi Sensei in the Honbu Dojo, Japan, and now plays a vital role the teaching at the Dojo and helping to run the Dojo’s many international seminars.

Isaac has completed full certifications in the following areas:

  • Provide First Aid (previously known as Senior First Aid)
  • Precision Shooting (100m – 1,000m)
  • Personal Protective Measures Level I
  • Personal Protective Measures Level I Certified Instructor

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