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The South Australian Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojo provides comprehensive training in the ancient traditions of the Bujinkan.This training develops people into effective and balanced Martial Artists. Focus, discipline, dedication, determination, self awareness and tolerance are fostered in the Dojo and in time spread to all areas of life. This understandably has a positive impact on people’s lives, providing the perspective and mental attitude required for success both inside the Dojo and in life in general (click here to read more about this). While students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are of all ages, training in this Martial Art is not for everyone. The South Australian Bujinkan Ninjutsu do jo does however provide the training, resources, support, instructors and experiences you need to excel in this truly amazing art… the rest is up to you!

  • training4Classes are held everyday (including weekends) with 9 sessions per week including basic through to black belt classes with flexible fees to cater for different training requirements.
  • Students attend at least 2 classes per week with some students training everyday.
  • Training is based on the study of the vast number of techniques and martial traditions that make up the 9 schools of the Bujinkan. These traditions have been passed down through the warrior classes from antiquity and are still alive and thriving in the battlefields, law enforcement communities and boardrooms of the world today. While the origins of the art are very old, it continues to grow and develop and is as relevant today as it has ever been through out history.
  • Classes involve the study and application of unarmed and armed combat, self defense and the development of the combat mindset to prepare students to survive life threatening conflict. These timeless systems are proven to be highly effective in today’s modern world and are taught to SWAT, Counter Terrorist Teams and high risk government operatives the world over.
  • Students train with a wide range of safe training weapons. Approved students also practice traditional cutting with live weapons.
  • Weapons include traditional Japanese and modern weapons such as swords, sticks, spears, ropes, knives and more.
  • Training deals with multiple opponents, training in Armour, environmental and stealth training, strategy and tactics from the individual level through to groups both large and small
  • Students learn to avoid conflict or remove the aggressors’ ability to attack them, with the act of physically defending themselves being used as an absolute last resort.
  • training55 dedicated Instructors with 70+ years combined martial arts experience and 50+ years combined experience in the Bujinkan. Each Instructor regularly trains in Japan and around the world to continue their own training and bring more skills, resources and opportunities back to the Dojo’s students. Instructors are members of the Bujinkan Shidoshi-Kai, have experience training with Law Enforcement and Military and have up to date first aid training.
  • Weekly ‘Trial Lessons’ are offered to people considering training in the Bujinkan and want to see if this is something they would like to do. Trial lessons allow people to feel the result of the techniques that are not obvious to the eye and can not be seen when simply watching. To arrange a trial lesson please go to our ‘visit the dojo page’.
  • Monthly New Member Induction / Basics Seminars help new and beginner students overcome the initial learning curve experienced in the art.
  • 10 Long Training Sessions per year held in a range of indoor and outdoor locations to develop specialized skills in a variety of environments.
  • Annual Camps and special events allow students to train intensively and provide a challenge to reach new highs in personal achievement
  • Regular seminars with highly regarded international guest instructors from diverse back grounds deliver a wide range of skills sets and experience
  • Students are invited to attend regular organized trips to Japan to train with the Grand Master and other Japanese Masters
  • Students may be invited to attend regular organized trips across Australia and the globe to train with other Bujinkan Dojo’s, Law Enforcement, Military units and other leading experts
  • Regular grading nights to provide achievable goals and a pathway to development
  • The Dojo is not a gym, but training does develop physical along with mental fitness through drills that build a range of skills required in the art. New members do not need to be ‘fit’ before coming to a trial lesson but will become so through training.
  • Training equipment is supplied to students at below retail prices to ensure they have the personal equipment they require.