Visit the Dojo

To visit the Dojo to attend a trial lesson please follow these simple steps:


Step 1 Call 0447163425 and leave a message including your name and phone number so we can contact you.

Step 2 One of the SABN Dojo team will contact you to book you in for a trial lesson. You will be provided with the Dojo’s address over the phone.

Step 3 Come to the dojo and attend a trial lesson. You will participate in a class and receive an information pack covering everything you need to know to start training.

Why is there a Trial Lesson?

Trial Lessons provide a formal process for people to commence training and allow potential students to participate in a class. This experience gives people a taste of what training in the Bujinkan is all about.A Trial Lesson is the best way to actually feel what is being done in the techniques and understand why they are so effective. In the vast majority of the time, you can not understand what is happening by simply watching. To understand it you need to actually do it. This is true in the Dojo and in life itself!

training1Secondly, the dojo is a friendly and positive environment dedicated to the study of the Martial Traditions of the Bujinkan. In the past it was very difficult and a privilege to be accepted as a student of a Dojo and training was by invitation only. A Trial Lesson allows us to assess potential students and invite them to become a student of the Dojo if we are happy for them to commence training. This may sound daunting but our criteria are simple and based on common sense. If you are interested in seeing if training in the Bujinkan is something that you would like to do then pick up the phone and start the process today. For many people it is one of the best decisions they have ever made.